Revolutionizing the Efficacy of Biologics,  Macromolecules, and Intracellularly Active Therapeutics

Medicine Prescription

Our Vision

To revolutionize the efficacy of intracellularly active therapeutics macromolecules and biologics across the spectrum of health conditions through the application of our Endosomal Intracellular Penetration & Release (EIPR) platform.



Taking full advantage of the endolytic pathway, Tana-porter™ is an extremely safe and efficient Endosomal Intracellular Penetration & Release platform.
Tana-Porter™ achieved >95% cell viability, >90% cargo release, and outperforms viral vector AAV in transfection.


Our impact

Revolutionizing the efficacy and toxicity landscape of existing and future therapeutics.

Tana-Porter™ can enhance the efficacy of currently available intracellularly active therapeutics thereby reducing dosage requirements and thus decrease toxicity and side effects profile. 

Tana-porter™ makes it possible for biologics and macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins to reach their intracellular target and realize their therapeutic potentials.


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